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real7's Journal

No more need for waiting. Here comes Real7
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This community is dedicated to Tanaka Koki of the Johnny's Jr. group KAT-TUN. Please read through this userinfo page before joining/posting please~!

Ground Rules

# Feel free to join, introduce yourself, post a fic, post pics, post fan crack, and spread Koki luv. ♥
# Please respect other people's opinions. No member or Koki bashing. (but maybe a little tease here and there XD)
# Try to stay as on-topic as much as possible.
# Please place large images, large amounts of images, and long posts under a LJ-cut.
# We understand that English is not everyone's first language and that's fine. However, anyone typing LiK DiSS probably shouldn't post.
# Please keep personal drama in your own journal.
# Do not direct link any images. This goes for images from the official sites or any other images. If it's not on your own webspace, do not direct link to it. If you want to post an image, upload it to your own webspace or to or an image hosting service such as Photobucket.com. If you can't manage that, then link to the website itself and direct people where on the site to look for the file.
# Please place appropriate warnings on fic and icon posts.
# If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas about the community (rules, technical difficulties, member conflict, posts contents, etc.) please privately email capt_koki@livejournal.com or inui@tenimyusa with the community name and your concern in the subject line (ex: "real7: Unable to make a post").
# Do not remove the comment feature from your post.
# Have fun! ^^


Slash/yaoi/shonen Ai/boy x boy content is found on this community. If you are not comfortable with homosexual content, please leave or do not read the post. We are not responsible for any unwanted trauma on your part.

Any member here makes icons/layouts/fics for fun and not for profit. They are for our own personal use and strange amusement. We do not intentionally intend to infringe anyone. If you have any problems, let us know.


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eeveil & nerdcore

♥♥♥Thanks to lelola for the userinfo coding ♥♥♥