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Hottest Gangsta Around


warning: lots of images, many large ones, didn't feel like making thumbnails. so dail-up users bewaaaaaree

I adore Koki with animals ^.^ Too cute

I uploaded 90% of my Koki pictures onto photobucket. There were a couple hundred or so pictures I couldn't bother to be sorting at the time, but this is a bit over 650 pictures (quite a few doubles x_x), so hopefully you guys'll like it :D Oh, and sorry but there's not many group pictures. I didn't feel like uploading all of those too >o< Enjoy~ Here's the photobucket. And the PW is: livejournal

Credits? Eh... not sure. Mostly from boys_paper and lots of fan pages. Or the credits are on the page.

Alsoo- some left overs I've got hanging around. You all probably have them already, but I figured I'd share anyway.
[SC 2006.07.02] Koki & Fujigaya - Real7 & Shorty: [DOWNLOAD]
Shorty (concert rip) Performance: [DOWNLOAD]
Shorty (concert rip) MP3: [DOWNLOAD]

Phew, guess that's it. Enjoooyyyy X)

Side note: Who's looking foward to Koki's new drama with Kame? Also, does anyone know much about it?
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